Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Final Week in Baltimore!

Happy Wednesday from the HP House -
We wanted to give you a quick update on "Super Hero Henry" as we are into our final week here in Baltimore.

Henry's recovery has been going well.  Stacy and I have been impressed with his continued improvement in spirit, strength and good humor.  Although, I think he has taken a liking to being a temporary "only child."

Each day, Henry's pain seems to be waning and we have been able to scale back the pain meds.  Hard to believe that two weeks ago, he was in the midst of an 11 hour surgery.  Henry is starting to be more confident with the use of his walker, albeit the spica cast gets in the way.

Weekend of Brothers and Go-Gos
Since the 4th of July, it has been a busy week.  I brought our other two sons to Baltimore last week (see previous posts).  They enjoyed seeing their mom and brother, as did Henry enjoy seeing his bros.

Picture from Thursday, July 3rd

On Saturday, Grandpa and Grandma Go-Go flew in from Cincy (via Dayton) to see Super Hero Henry.  We had a great dinner at Seasons and stayed in to play Spider-Man Uno.  It was a quick turnaround for Go-Go's as they headed back to Cincy with Ben and Logan on Sunday.  Grandpa got them back to "Camp Go-Go" in good timing.  

Grandpa & Grandma Go-Go!  Sunday, July 6th

Being away from our routines and "normal life" for nearly 3 weeks has been tough for everyone.  I am fortunate for my parents who have lovingly and unselfishly put their lives on hold to care for, entertain, feed and protect Ben and Logan.  Having already raised two boys, they have gotten to do it again for the short term.  "Camp Go-Go" has kept the boys busy with Lake Cumberland, Kings Island, multiple daily trips to the Hughes Woods pool, playing at Keehner Park, tennis at the gym, multiple trips to McD's and the Cone.  A sincere THANK YOU to mom and dad!

With a few days left before the anticipated re-casting and post-surgery follow-up, we had the chance to tour the Maryland Zoo and the National Aquarium thanks to the efforts of Greg Terry, LPN who made this happen.  Thanks also to Rosalyn Stewart with the National Aquarium.

On Deck...
Henry's next procedure is slated for Friday (time TBD).  This procedure will involve placing Henry under anesthesia so that Dr. Standard and his team can remove the initial casting, take current x-rays and pictures as well as check incisions.  The team will then put into place a new cast, hopefully just as cool as the first one!  If all goes as planned, we'll load up the swagger wagon and head west back to Cincy on Saturday.  Henry will be in the next cast for a minimum of 3 weeks and then we'll be back to Baltimore for that cast removal.  PT and fitting for the next prosthesis will take place after that. 

So, our journey continues.  Stacy and I can't say "Thank You" enough for all of the followers, donors, believers, card writers, and prayers who have joined this radical surgery and journey.

THANK YOU and God bless,
Garrick, Stacy, Henry & family.

A few extra pictures of all the fun:

On Saturday, our view overlooking Inner Harbor from Federal Hill.

Loved the chimpanzees!  One was resting just on the other side of the glass.

Henry and Daddy took a ride down the slide at the zoo. 

Henry at the Aquarium.  What a super cool place!

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