Tuesday, March 6, 2018

In the News

When Henry played t-ball, he played with this amazing boy Marty. He was the friendliest player, impossible not to love. Henry and Marty played together a couple of seasons, and we got to know his parents and family. His mom works at our local ABC news station, WCPO, and she got Henry the ultimate 8 year old hook-up.

In November, on a Friday Henry busted his prosthesis in gym, popping both joint rivets holding the top part of his prosthesis to the main part. This is common, though usually one at a time. So off Henry and Dad went to Newport to Rob at Superior Prosthetic Solutions. We were grateful it was an easy fix as Henry was about to play in his first basketball tournament. This prompted a FB post and pic from Garrick :

    "In for an emergency repair. Apparently the H-Man amped up his beast  mode today in gym class. Sheared two rivets in the mount holding he hinge. Basketball season starts tomorrow with tournament play. Never a dull moment."

His post was seen by Mrs. Zak, and shared with Ken Broo, the sports guy. Ken reached out to Garrick and a story idea was born. It took until mid February,  was delayed when Henry had he flu, but then there was the camera man at a Saturday game. A week later, and Ken Broo and another camera man were in our living room.

Here is the link to the story and video. They did a great job of telling the essence of Henry. There is a little medical error in the explanation, though given how different rotationplasty is, it makes sense that it is hard to understand and explain.

Oh, and I love that by the time we got to Dr. Standard's office in Baltimore Monday morning they already knew Henry was famous.

Henry has never been slowed down, and we are SO proud to call him ours.