Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Update | 2 Days Post Surgery

We are two days post-surgery, and we have been amazed by how well Henry is doing.  He has this amazing spirit, and even now it comes out.  Not to say it has all been roses, for we have definitely had some heart-wrenching moments.  However, our little boy has smiled amidst his pain and discomfort, and itchiness.  There is nothing like multiple pain meds that lead to itchiness.  Oy!

So, first, enjoy this video message from our Super Hero Henry:

It is a little weird to see our 5 year old so loopy, but it is good to see him not hurting and showing off his happy side. :)

Henry had three special visitors on Thursday, June 26th:
Jen and B were in town from OH to meet with Dr. Standard for a check-up.  B, 11, had rotationplasty surgery 7 years ago.  Stacy and Jen started talking several months back.  Hearing how well B is doing, and seeing pictures of all she has done after her own rotationplasty has offered hope and inspiration.  It has also hugely helped us know that Henry will still be able to do it all after he heals, with improvement.  Thank you so much for stopping by twice to offer support as we begin our rotationplasty journey!

Henry's uncle Garth flew in from the Windy City just to see his Godson for a few brief hours.  Henry was so happy to see a familiar face!  It didn't hurt that Garth brought a few special surprises.  Only 1 day post surgery, Henry was a bit more active and nestled into a wheel chair.  Thanks to my brother for flying out and spending a few brief hours with boots on the ground.

Thursday and Friday Happenings:

Henry cruising for nurses!

OT  has had us very busy the last couple of days.  They had Henry out of his bed by noon on day 1 post-op.  It was a quick trip in the wheelchair to the playroom, where Henry fell asleep.  Just getting in the chair was exhausting and a little scary the first time.  We have all done better getting in the chair and getting around.  Henry even asked to get back in later.  Our awesome OT helped us petal tape Henry's cast with the Spiderman duck tape we brought.  Thanks to Pinterest, she was impressed that we knew to bring some, and his cast is the coolest one ever.  We'll get a picture of it later.  Check out and for some great tips on how to take care of a spica cast. also has a great tutorial on how to make underwear that can be worn over the cast.  Our OT also helped us figure out how to get our already potty trained 5 year old to the bathroom while wearing his cast.  It won't always be easy, but we can do it.

Our first night was a little rocky and exhausting as we tried to figure out what was the best medicine combination to help him relax and be comfortable.  Last night was a huge improvement, with some solid chunks of sleep.  It helped to give him a little of everything: pain medicine through his epidural, valium for muscle spasms, and Benadryl for all the itching.  I must say a thank you for random kid friendly movies at 4 a.m.

So, here are a few other pictures of our journey as we get ready for bed, night 3.  Thank you all again for the prayers and well wishes.

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