Saturday, June 21, 2014

Travel Day is Here!

A Father's Perspective
The day has arrived that we load up the “swagger wagon” and head east to Baltimore.  It really is hard to believe that this day is here.  It was last Spring that Stacy, Henry and I made the first trip to meet Dr. Shawn Standard and his staff at RIAO.  Through prayerful consideration, we jointly made the decision to proceed with the rotationplasty option for our Superhero Henry.

Allow me a moment to brag about my son.  As a dad of all boys, I am beaming with pride of each of their abilities, personalities and individualism.  Of course if there were to be a girl, she would have been “daddy’s little girl.” Henry and I have had a bond since day 1.  It was I who stood over the warming tray in the OR as he was being evaluated and was soon discovered that “something was wrong.”  I had to tell my wife “everything will be alright” as she laid on the OR table while Dr. Brenner completed the caesarian delivery.  At that moment, I was swept away with Henry to the NICU for further evaluations.  Scared to hell and back, I had no idea medically what was going on with my son.  His lungs were healthy, evident from his squeals.  After several minutes, the staff assured me that all of the vitals and organs were functioning.  We just didn’t know about his left side.  We also didn’t know if he had felt any pain, the poor kid was just trying to figure out why everybody was looking at him!  He was pretty darn cute, torticollis and all. 

We fast forward through the genetics testing, consults with ortho specialists and months of physical therapy with Tracie.  I had the flexible schedule to be able to take Henry to his appointments from day 1.  I know it killed Stacy not being able to attend or take Henry in my place.  With the PT for torticollis then working with the leg muscles, he and I got to know Mason Children’s pretty well.

From PT to prosthesis fittings, castings, adjustments (currently on prosthetic #5), Henry has always been a trooper.  He hardly ever complained or moaned is discouragement through it all.  Even just this week with pre-surgery physical.  I took him for his blood draw, the kid barely flinched as I was about to pass out! He has always proven to people that he CAN do what he puts his mind to. There is always a twinkle in his eye (or it could be he is just flirting with the ladies).  His spirit is uncanning, his determination is unreal and his zest for life is unmatched.  While Henry may be infatuated with Marvel’s Amazing Spiderman (he literally has Spidy on his prosthetic, his boxers, his pillows, his school bag, his pillow, every spiderman toy ever made etc…) he truly is my super hero. 

As we hit the road in a few short hours, please continue to pray for my son, his brothers, Stacy and I as the journey ahead is long and mostly unknown.  What is known is that Henry WILL conquer this next adventure with the same charisma and determination as he has put into everyday of his 5 year old life.  While he mostly “gets” what is about to happen in the next few days, his spirit is something so special that I can’t possibly fathom.  Henry truly is a gift from God.

Words cannot express our sincere thanks the outpouring of support, donations, prayers, well wishes and offers to cut my grass.  

In Christ Peace,


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