Monday, June 9, 2014

Transparency in Fundraising

Fundraising has never been my forte, nor have I ever been comfortable doing it.  Sure I can sell tickets for a basket raffle or a pie in the face contest, count pennies for penny wars (Can you tell I work in a school?), and sell wristbands to connect friends and family to my little superhero.  I am not asking for money, I am selling something.

But ask for money for something so personal?  Why should others want to give money for something that does not affect them?

Yes, I have readily donated meals and money for gas when others I know have been in need.  I am happy to help.  I have prayed for the individual and families I have been blessed to be able to help, and some still weigh heavy on my heart as their stories are still unfolding.  I know I have not been the only one to help and have rarely been the initiator.  So, I guess it should not surprise me that such good people would want to help us.

Thank you is not a big enough phrase for all of you, for all of your prayers, donations, and love.  As we prepare for our journey east, finalizing logistics, packing for 5 people to be in different places at different times, getting our local medical support ready for recovery, getting our dogs and plants taken care of, getting a pre-surgery physical and blood work, adapting clothes to fit over the spica cast, getting coverage for work responsibilities, trying not to worry about that smiling boy undergoing such a big surgery, and preparing 3 little boys for what any of this means, it means a great deal to have this part of the burden lightened.

So, when we say that we will use any money donated to offset the costs of medical and travel expenses, what does that mean?

We are very fortunate to have insurance covering the cost of the surgery itself.  Our expenses here will be the deductible we pay every year.  Knowing others who do not have insurance to cover out-of-state medical expenses, I feel truly blessed.  For us, medical expenses may include the possible rental/purchase of medical equipment, and unexpected treatment not covered by insurance.

Travel and living expenses in Baltimore will be our biggest financial burden.  We are expecting to spend about 3 weeks in Baltimore for the surgery itself, with a second trip a few weeks later for cast removal.  Estimated expenses for our family to do this is about $3,000.  God willing and prayers said, there will be no reason to extend our stays in Baltimore.

Should there be any money collected that is above our need directly related to this surgery, the money will be set aside and saved for future needs related to Henry's lucky leg.  This may included follow-up visits with the surgeon or expenses related to making Henry's prosthetics.

One of our incredible neighbors is hosting a Scentsy benefit party for Henry's Heroes.  If you would like to place an order, you can visit her website and order.  Be sure to choose *HENRYS HEROS* as you check out.

Given the overwhelming response to the bracelets, we have also set-up a fund for Henry's Heroes.  You can help our family here, as well.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your blog. Wish I'd been following all along! Looks like you are moving along on your journey, but I do want to let you know a couple of ways I'd love to help in the future...I love dogs...I really enjoy creative sewing, and in case you have a hitch on your vehicle...I have one of those wonderful "trays" that ride easily on the back which we fill with 3 Rubbermaid bins and a couple of bicycles for trips. You don't even know it is there. 513-703-4075. ps address for helping out with expenses?