Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I am a planner.  Those that know me are nodding their heads right now.  So, as we prepared for this journey I tried to expect and plan for all sorts of possibilities.  Mostly, though, I hoped for and planned for best case scenario.

I hoped to see Henry trick-or-treating on his own steam.  That was the plan, that Henry would be far enough in his PT and have his prosthetic to be able to walk from house to house and collect candy.

Thus, Halloween was truly joyful as we walked outside in our family themed costumes and the boys each ran to the neighbor's houses.  Henry did have trouble holding his trick-or-treat basket with his crutches, so I followed behind him up each driveway so he could put his candy in.  Henry made it about 45 minutes before he slowed down and got into the wagon I had been dragging around. I couldn't be more proud or grateful.

Can you guess our theme?  Is Henry not the best Luke Skywalker you have ever seen? And the cutest!

It was truly a family adventure.
Henry making strides (literally) today at PT.  He is working on building strength and agility with his new Spiderman prosthetic.

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