Tuesday, September 16, 2014

While We Wait...

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  :)

Showing off what he can do after 4 days post cast removal!
Henry has started kindergarten!  Garrick and Henry shared a PowerPoint about Henry with his class.  We highlighted how Henry can do all the things his friends can (swim, play baseball, build snow angels), but that his leg is different.  They also shared his last prosthetic leg so his classmates could ask questions.  Not surprising, there were a few curious kids, but all of them were accepting of Henry.  We have a great school, with an amazingly supportive teacher, administration, and support staff who were ready for all that Henry needs and may need.

One of the coolest parts of having Henry at the same school as big brother Ben is that they have recess together.  Ben has shared all about all that Henry is doing on the playground.   I also asked if Ben's friends asked about Henry's leg.  Ben said that a few boys wanted to know why Henry's leg was shorter.  Ben said he just explained that he was born with a shorter leg.  Ben added that they didn't ask about his foot being backward, so Ben explained about the surgery.  It was all matter of fact.  I am so grateful that Henry and his brothers are so comfortable with Henry's shorter leg and all the changes related to the surgery.  Who cares if it is backward?

Henry was wearing his turtle shell less and less very quickly.  The last time Henry wore it at all was one week post cast removal.  That Thursday after he took it off to meet with his prosthetist, he kept it off, even when he went to bed.  So, he decided the next morning that he didn't need it anymore.  That was that.

First day of Kindergarten!!!!
 He may not always like it when we touch his leg, but it hasn't stopped him from having fun.  We found Henry one night riding a skateboard down the hill in front of our house.  Umm, Henry, how are you going to stop!?!  He has played football with his brothers.  He is climbing the climbing wall and is all over the playground.  He is even hopping around our house more than using his walker.

Henry is making great progress, despite not yet starting physical therapy.  He understands the need for regular exercises for his leg.  Three times a day we stretch and practice using his leg muscles to lift his leg.  I can't wait to see how much more he can do once we get physical therapy set-up.

Henry's attitude about all of it continues to inspire us.  Being his mom continues to teach me so much about living and loving and acceptance.

We will update more as we have more appointments to help Henry become fully functioning with his "new" little leg.

Frontyard football!

A Spiderman adventure...

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